6 Tips to Increase Open Rate up to 4 Times for Your Email Campaign

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Open rate of your campaign depend on various factors. You can control some of the, some of them you can’t. Here we will talk about 6 most important factor that influences the open rate of your email campaign, and these factors can controlled by you without much difficulties.

  1. Put a compelling subject line

Subject your email is the most important factor for open rate. An enticing Subject line can do real wonder for you. The best way to improve your subject line is to do some A/B testing. Choose 3 different subject lines for same campaign. Send each to equal number of people (say 100 each). Check which one has better open rate and stick to it. Follow some trends also. “Numeric” & “how to” in subject generally yields better result. Example: “6 Tips to increase Open Rate up to 4 times” or “How to Increase Open rate up to 4 times” gives better result than simple “Increasing your open rate”

  1. Proper Sender Name & from Address

Use person name (your name or CMOs name) instead of your Company name as sender. If you are already a very big brand & establish brand, then you can use company name. Otherwise it will wiser to put a person’s name as sender. It increases personal touch. Avoid using something like “no reply” or “sales@”. It should be something like person name@companyname  i.e smith@xyzcompany.com

  1. Personalize Heavily

Personalize as much as possible, specially the salutation. Always use recipient’s name or something like Mr/Mrs/Ms Surname. Never use words like “Dear Sender” or “Dear Customers” or “Dear Member”, it’s a turn off for any person.

  1. Send at Right Time & with Right Frequency

The right time to send a marketing email depends and varies with industry and customer persona. Do some research on what is best time to send email so that your customers are more prone to open it. Avoid busy hours like Monday morning or late evening. Set a frequency expectation for your customers. If you send 2 a week or 4 times a month, try to stick to it. A set frequency will put your recipients in a comfort zone and habit. Breaking that comfort zone will result in decrease in open rate.

  1. Send Relevant Content by doing proper segmentation of Recipients

All people are not same; all of your recipients are not same. They have different requirement, need, interest and buying pattern. Do proper segmentation of your recipients by using demographics (age, gender, income, profession etc) & psychographics (buying pattern, interests, liking, type of car owned etc). Send more relevant & targeted content in email as per your segregation.

  1. Avoid Spam filter by tuning content

Email spam filters are much more intelligent and sophisticated today than it was 2 years back. If your mail lands on spam, it will dramatically decrease your open rate. To avoid spam filter, avoid words like “lump sum”, “lottery”, “job offer”, “sale”, “rich”, “deal” etc in your subject line and content. Avoid putting too many outgoing links in to your email.

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