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6 Top Email Campaign Design Mistake you should avoid

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Like all other marketing channel, email marketing also involves some resource. After investing your resources like Time, Man Power & Money, don’t let your results go down just because of some common silly mistakes committed more than 50% of marketers. Here we have mentioned about top 6 mistakes which you should avoid while doing email campaign.

  1. Neglecting Mobile

Almost 23% of internet traffic comes from smart phone, mobile devices and other smaller screen devices. This statistics is expected to grow up to 60% within next 5 or 6 years. So never ignore mobile. Optimize your email design for mobile and small screen also. Ideally you should use a responsive design which automatically fits in to any screen size.

  1. Using Wrong Fonts

Your readers can be distracted due to the usage of too many different fonts. Try not to use more than 2 fonts. Use 1 for headline and other for content. Try to use commonly used fonts like Arial or San Serif; too much of unfamiliar font may cause uneasiness to eye. The ideal font size is 22-24 pt for header and 12-16pt for body.

  1. Using Wrong Colours

Too many different colours inside email content looks messy and unprofessional. Avoid using many colours; use 2-3 different colours just to create some contrasts which must be soothing to eye. Using the main colour according to your brand or company is very important. The colour should be in alignment of your brand, readers must be able recognized the brand or company from the main email body colour.

  1. Putting too much Content

Avoid too lengthy text content in your email marketing. Surveys show that emails with 18-20 lines of text yields best Click through rates. If you have too many things to say, you can write an article or blog instead. Then send your email with the link to that article or blog and just mention in email what that article/ blog is all about.

  1. Neglecting Images

A picture says a thousand words. Use enticing images in your email design. It will help you to grab reader’s attention. But avoid using more than 3 images. Too much spice will spoil the taste. Check the speed of loading of your images in email in browser. Try to use fast loading & light images for better results.

  1. Ignoring Relevant Links

Put relevant links of various other contents like your website, social media profile, blogs etc. The main ideal behind this is not to go for a single way communication, but to engage your readers with your brand or company. Use the most reverent link as per your goal. If you want your reader to buy something, redirect them to product page, not homepage or subscriber sign up page.


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