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How to increase your Revenue rapidly in Web Development business

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The one & only secret is to reach the right people at the right time. You need to reach the people who is immediately looking to build a website. But the question is how do you know who is looking to build a website. The answer is the people who has bought or booked a domain name very recently, are looking to build a website. How to reach those people easily without much investment & effort? Mail them to their email ids. How to get their email ids? Fortunately, it is available.

Increase your revenue in Web Development 4 times in 4 weeks- Newly booked Domain owners Database

Database of Domain Owners- Whois Database- Database of newly registered Domain Owners

Check the sample of this Database here.

See the data files live before buying here.

What is it?

It is a database of people who has bought or booked a domain name in last 24 hours. We scrap it everyday and make it available everyday. Everyday we scrap the previous day’s Domain booking database.

Why it is helpful for you?

It is quite obvious that the person who has bought a domain recently is definitely (at least 90% of them, if not all) going to build a website and looking for web related services & products. So if you offer any web related services or products like web hosting, web designing, web development, digital marketing, SEO, social media or anything like this, this database is gold mine for you. All the records in that database is a hot lead for any web related stuff.

What is information this Database contains?

The best way to understand this is to check the sample of the Database here. It contains all relevant information like domain url, name of the register, email id of the register, Phone numbers of the register, when the data domain is booked, from which site the domain is booked, register address, city, country etc.

Price & Quantity?

Price is INR 1999/- only per months, we will give access from where you will able to download the files everyday. We will also mail it to everyday once.

On an average, everyday 1.5 lakh domains are booked worldwide. USA tops the list with approx 25K registration daily. Approx 3K registration happens in India everyday. Check out the data files live here to understand better. On an average, you will get 45 lakh of hot leads every month in just INR 1999/- only. Just convert .01% of it, it will skyrocket your sales & revenue.

To get this Database, please visit http://www.targetedemaildatabase.com/email-database-list/email-database-of-indian-business-companies-b2b/database-of-domain-owners-whois-database/    or Contact us at  info@targetedemaildatabase.com  or 91-9836205309.


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