Top 9 Tips to Increase Open Rate & Click through Rate by 70% in your Email Campaign

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how to increase email open rates
how to increase email open rates

How to increase the open rate & click through rate in any email campaign? There is definitely no short readymade answer for this. Here are some tips below which are tested in past and statistically yielded better results.

1.Preset & Utilize the Preview Text

Most the email clients show preview text along with the subject line before opening the mail. It is a kind of preview of the content of the email body. The amount of the text depends on the email client (the tool used by recipient i.e gmail or ymail or outlook etc) & recipients setting.

Email Text Preview

Now, if you do not preset this text preview, email client will randomly & automatically pull out any part of your email body which might be less important that other part in email body. It might also look messy which will make the recipient reluctant to open the mail. When you preset it, the show the text set by you. Try to keep it under 15 words. You may consider include your contact Number to give the impression of enhanced authenticity.

2. Subject Line

There are already plenty of articles & blogs on this particular topic. Again there is no readymade formula on how to write a prefect subject line which compels recipient to open the mail. Here is some useful tips which you can try & experiment to monitor the results.

The language & message of the subject line should be recognizable & familiar with your target buyers’ persona.

Use verbs & action words to create excitement & sense of urgency.

May consider including the First name of recipient, it yields a very good open rate sometimes.

Keep it short, preferably under 12 words.

Present Value proposition like “20% off on all purchases above $ 20 or “Limited Period 25% discount for existing Clients”

3. TAT (Turn around Time) within 24 Hours

Mail a new contact within 24 hours. May be any contact like new subscribers or new lead or new demo Opt-in or new free book downloader etc, try to contact them or welcome within 24 hours of their action. Study shows that a new recipient will recall & recognize you better within 24 hours of touch point action. It’s always better the strike the Iron when it is hot.

4. Send from a real Person

Send from a real person or from an official email id of the person, not from company.

The recipient should read “from: John, Email:”.

The Recipient shouldn’t read “From: Company Name, Email:

You can also use “John from Company name”.

Human touch is extremely important to beat the competition in inbox.

5. Crystal Clear CTA (Call to Action)

Without proper CTA, your email marketing effort will land up no where. After giving all value based content in email, you need to drive your recipients to take the desired action.

Try to put CTA twice in an email, one in the middle and another at end of the email body.

Always put an alternate text link in the CTA button as all email clients are not good at images and they may not show your CTA image button properly.

6. Optimize for Mobile

Study shows that 56% open of all opened emails happens in mobile devices. That’s quite a lot. Make a responsive design which can be seen across all devices.

Test the email in all devices before blasting.

7. Include both Clickable Images & Text Links

If you include images in email body, try to make it clickable and link it to your desired landing page (ideally same landing page which linked to your CTA button or text).

Apart from CTA & other clickable images, try including some text links which will take readers to some value added content.

Always put at least one actionable content above the fold. It may be CTA Button or Text link or clickable image.

8. Proper Clean Text Version

Not all email clients are good at html rich content rendering. So back up your email content with plain text format. Generally when you convert rich html to plain text, it generates some unnecessary extra texts. Clean up that messy text.

9. Social Share & Easy Forwarding option

Use social share button & give the readers easy option to share the content in social media. Most of your recipients are very likely to have a lot of social connection & email contacts with same buyers’ persona you are dealing with. So it will give you great results.

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