Frequently Asked Questions

How the Databases have been collected?

We collect Databases from various sources like Workshops, Seminars, Trade Fairs, Business Meets, Job Fairs, Social Events, Online Surveys, Offline Surveys, Road Campaigns in Shopping Malls & Petrol Pumps, Online Portals etc. We collect all the Data in raw unusable format and then we consolidate, Verify & Segregate it into an useable format to provide it to our clients.

What is the Authenticity & Accuracy of the Database?

All of our Databases has approximately 88% to 92% of accuracy rate and we do update our Database once in Every 3 months.

Why Mobile Numbers are not there in the Database?

No, Our Database doesn’t have mobile number. This is basically email marketing data, not for SMS Marketing. We used to provide mobile number earlier, but we have stopped doing it after TRAI has imposed a legal constraint on since 2012. Buying or selling mobile number without the permission of mobile number owner has become illegal since 2012. So we provide all information except mobile number.

What is the Format and Fields mentioned in the Database?

We provide all Database in Excel 2007 format. Fields mentioned in the Database varies with the Category. Please check the respective Category sample.

What is the Mode of Payment?

You can pay via Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Online Bank Transfer/ NEFT/ Cash deposit.

How the Database will be delivered?

Instant file download for Credit card/ Debit Card/Online Bank transfer. For Cash Deposit, via Email as an attachment or download link within 30 minutes of payment.

Is It Legally Complaint to buy and Sell Email Database?

Yes, absolutely, it is 100% legally complaint. This is because we don’t collect or provide any private data or information. What all we provide is collected from public events or portals which available to public. Anyone can collect or gather those information or Data, even you can. But that cost you much higher than Database price due the valuable Time, Resource and Money expenditure. We incurred that Cost once and then sell the Database to multiple number of clients. That is how we cover up the cost first and then generate profit. We are absolutely transparent about that.

Is it Legally Complaint to send Marketing Mails to an unknown person?

Yes, it is. Law clearly states you should not send Marketing or promotional Emails if you don’t have receipt’s permission. But to take permission, you should send mail at least One time or First time promotional mail. During first time of sending, you should include an “unsubscription link”. If someone unsubscribes, you should not send him/ her second time. Those who don’t unsubscribe, they will be in your opt-in list be default, it will be considered you have their permission to send promotional mail.

Do You have an Replacement or Refund Policy?

Yes, we do have Replacement Policy. Replacement Policy is applicable when accuracy rate is lower than promised. If promised accuracy rate is 85%, and what you get is 70% or 75% only, we will replace 15% ( 85% -70% ) or 10% ( 85% – 75% ). Replacement Policy is applicable for same category of Database which you purchased. For Replacement Policy, please Contact Us.

What About the Updates of databases?

If you purchase any particular category of Database, we will send you an automatic notification via mail whenever that particular category is updated. If you wish to receive the updates, please Contact Us back, we will provide you the Free updates of that particular category. You can avail Free Updates till One Year from your date of purchase. After one year, i will a paid update according to the current price list.

How do I send Bulk Emails?

There are plenty of free and paid Software and Web applications available in the net for bulk mailing. You can use any of them. We also give you a Software named ” Email Sender Delux” at free of cost with theDatabase. This will come with One Year license. Software Setup file, User Guide, Installation Guide will be included in your purchased Database Pack.